The Dickerson Course is owned by the NRG Energy.

Except during special events, access requires Potomac Whitewater Racing Center membership.

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The Dickerson Whitewater Course on the Potomac River near Dickerson, Maryland, was built for use by whitewater paddlers training for the 1992 Olympic Games in Spain.   The course was constructed in 1991, inside a pre-existing straight, 900-foot-long concrete channel, 40 feet (12 m) wide.  It was the first pump-powered artificial whitewater course built in North America, and is still the only artificial whitewater course with heated water.

It remains an active training center and race location for whitewater slalom racing.

Directions to the NRG Dickerson Whitewater Course: Click Here (and just type your location)


  1. Current PWRC member
  2. Current ACA/USACK member
  3. If you are a minor, we need a NRG Minor Waiver signed by BOTH parents and notarized. Submit original copy to PWRC-NRG liaison.

Since 1959, the channel has returned cooling water from the Dickerson Generating Station to the Potomac River, 41 miles (66 km) upstream from Washington, D.C. When the plant is generating, water is pumped from the river, warmed as much as 35 °F (20 °C) as it cools the power plant’s three coal-fired generators, and then emptied into the channel for gravity flow back to the river.  If the plant is generating and club members are allowed to paddle, we will post that information on the PWRC website.

NRG Dickerson Whitewater Course at NORMAL Flow

NRG Dickerson Whitewater Course at HIGH Flow