0500-0630 (Must be on Base by 0530)

Since the 1970’s, US Whitewater and Sprint National Team Athletes have been allowed to train in the US Navy’s David Taylor Model Basin outside of working hours. Paddling in the Basin is a privilege and strict adherence to the rules is vital to maintain that privilege. In particular, we must be careful to keep the rails dry and observe any Basin closures due to ongoing Navy testing.

For the winter of 2015/2016 we will be allowed to use the east Basin (the long basin). Four coaches have cards to open the door to the Basin: Silvan Poberaj, Dana Chladek, Kathleen McNamee, and Aaron Mann. Dana maintains a Google sheet which let folks know when coaches will open the door for paddling by club members who are on the Basin List. Please contact her to be invited.

The PWRC maintains the access list for athletes wishing to train in the Basin in the winter. Adults must submit the Model Basin Security Clearance form that is required to be added to the list. Minors do not need to submit the form; just let Dana know you would like to train in the Basin.

Please mail the form to:

Dana Chladek
6428 Bannockburn Drive
Bethesda. MD 20817

David Taylor Model Basin Participant Guidelines & Rules

Training in the Model Basin is a privilege, not a right.

All participants are responsible for knowing and following these Basin Rules. Would you like a pdf copy? If so, download it here.

Please note that participation will be revoked immediately if these guidelines are not followed. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in following these guidelines.

  1. All participants (coaches and athletes) must be United States Citizens or hold a Resident Green Card, and current members of the BCE for insurance purposes.
  2. Everyone will show a photo ID and sign-in at the Model Basin Guard House.
  3. Obey posted speed limit signs and wear a seat belt while on base.
  4. Obey all personnel on Navy property.
  5. Solo paddling is not permitted.
  6. Guests are not permitted.

Additional & Mandatory Rules while in the Model Basin

  1. Athletes will not paddle or pass under any carriage. Take care to avoid touching any equipment attached to the carriage. If a carriage has its lights on, make sure Basin Testing is not in progress prior to putting any boats in the water.
  2. If the Basin tank water level has been lowered 30 inches below the baffle/ metal grate along the length of the Basin, then the paddling and training is not permitted.
  3. The special wooden or metal rail cover must be placed over the rail before any boats are placed into the water.
  4. Prevent water from getting on the basin rail. When entering and leaving the water, and during training, athletes will keep the rail dry.
  5. Rails will be wiped dry immediately if they should become wet.
  6. Do not paddle next to the rail, as water splashes from paddle tips.
  7. Prior to departure of the last two athletes from the Model Basin, the rail cover will be removed and returned to the designated storage area next to the wall.
  8. Rails will always be inspected for dryness after removing the rail cover, and prior to departure from all training sessions.
  9. Keep doors closed.
  10. Jogging in the Basin is not permitted.
  11. Emergency use only for the telephone located next to the bathroom adjacent to the J Basin at the end of the shorter tank.
  12. Photographic equipment of any kind is not permitted. ABSOLUTELY, this is a security risk, no selfies, not smart phone photos or videos!
  13. Do not store any boats or other training equipment in the basin at any time.