Potomac Whitewater Racing athletes and volunteers have maintained year-round training gates on the Potomac River’s Feeder Canal since the early 1970’s. The Feeder Canal is adjacent to the C & O Canal next to Lock #6 off of the Clara Barton Parkway.

The Feeder Canal was originally built to allow the Potomac River to feed additional water into the C & O Canal as it continues into Georgetown. (Read George Washington: Father of His Country, Father of the Feeder Canal )

There are 40 to 50 training gates here in class I-II at normal river flow levels.

Potomac Whitewater Racing often holds races in the Spring and Summer on the Feeder Canal.  Look for racing opportunities on the PWRC home page.  Please also note the swimming is prohibited in the Feeder Canal.

Click here for an NPR Story and Video about training on the Feeder Canal.