Paddlers wishing to paddle at Dickerson must get on the daily roster by 8am on the last business day prior to paddling (example: you want to paddle on Sunday, you must notify your coach by 8am Friday). If you are on the list and cannot make, please text the coach in a timely manner. Multiple escorts by the guards are not permitted; if you will be more than 10 minutes late to the session, let the coach know and go home.

For adults: Bring your current Dickerson card AND a new signed and dated NRG waiver with you to hand to the guards EACH time you come to Dickerson.

For minors: a current signed and notarized waiver must be on file with the Potomac Whitewater Training Center.

1. Course Hours

  • When water is generating, dawn to 30 minutes before dark.  NRG requires 24 hour notice for athletes coming to paddle while generating.  Please send an email to the PWRC-NRG liaison prior to your going out.
  • When we have “pumped” water for the PWRC, paddle during your allotted slots.  Once again, please send you name to the PWRC-NRG liaison so it can be forwarded to the front gate.

2. On the Course

  • Must wear a life vest and helmet within the low fence surrounding the course;
  • No public nudity;
  • No dangerous or disrespectful conduct;

3. Temporary Closures

  • Watch PWRC website for current information;

4. Access Conditions

  • Two or more Blue (or Special Event) Card holders may train together;
  • Pink Card holders must be under the direction of a Green Card Coach;
  • White Card holders may not paddle;
  • No Paddler may train alone;

5. Course Access Route

  • You will be escorted down to the course; always arrive together with your group.
  • Obey speed limits;
  • Always wait for escort when leaving the course; leave as a group.

6. Security

  • All rules will be strictly enforced and any violation will result in an
    athlete being barred from future access to the course;
  • Keep access card current;
  • Do not assist non-members in gaining access to the course.